Congressman Rose Holds Town Meet

Congressman John Rose (R) TN-06 takes questions from constituents in a town hall meeting held on Tuesday, April 16.

Congressman John Rose held a town hall meeting at the Fentress County courthouse on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, which was open to the public, and well attended. The Congressman addressed constituents and provided a basic framework of his views, motivations, and recent positions.

Elected in 2018, Rose is a freshman congressman who has never before held elected office, instead endeavoring as a small businessman, banker, and farmer. Rose is a conservative Republican, and embraces positions to be expected of one with such affiliation, such as being pro-gun and pro-life, and supportive of the agenda outlined by President Donald Trump.

Rose has family roots in Fentress County, and is the grandson of the late Guy Williams, a well-known local businessman in his day. During his remarks, Rose fondly recounted memories of traveling to Fentress County to spend time with his grandparents as a child.

During his remarks, Rose focused primarily on three points which he said were of the utmost importance to him those being:

-The national debt

-Over regulation of the financial industry by the federal bureaurcacy


In regards to the debt, Rose stated that it was presently in excess of $22 trillion, a figure so large that few people are even able to comprehend it. In addition to the scale of the debt being so massive, Rose was critical of the federal governments apparent lack of intention to repay the debt, and commitment to further borrowing. Rose stressed that if the debt were not addressed that it would be the future generations of Americans who would be saddle with it, as it was their future the government is borrowing from.

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