Comp Time, Natural Gas Line Expansion Are Council Topics

The Jamestown City Council met Monday, June 12, 2017 in regular monthly session and took action on a number of items in a rather lengthy and busy meeting.

With all members present and following the reading and approval of the minutes of the June 12 regular meeting and the July 6 called meeting, Mayor Darlene Monday Davis welcomed a large group of spectators to the meeting, and reported that she was happy to see more people using the Mark Twain Park and also the expanded use of the recently upgraded Community Park.  She encouraged the public to continue to take advantage of these two facilities.

City Engineer Tom Bennett reported that he had some items to discuss pertaining to the natural gas line expansion project on the Wilder Road, and would discuss them later in the meeting.

Building Inspector Bob Lane said that the people of Jamestown should be proud of the way folks care for each other, pointing out projects like the new soup kitchen the Handfuls of the Harvest is planning, the new House of Hope that Mannah House is starting, and an outreach project of Faith Baptist Tabernacle, stating:  “We see more of this good work here than any other place I work.”

Under “Old Business, the council approved Ordinance #1750 on second and final reading, annexing and rezoning the Marc and Vaneesa Matthews property at the western boundary of Jamestown to R-1, low-density residential.

Next, they approved Ordinance #1760 — the fiscal year 2017-18 budget on second reading, in the amount of $6,914,690.00.

The next item of business was approval of Ordinance #1770, which eliminates comp time and establishes overtime pay for city employees.  It was pointed out that comp time which has been grandfathered in must be used during the 2017-18 fiscal year, but no more than 40 hours may be claimed in any single pay period.

Discussion then turned to a Horizontal Drilling Ordinance (Road Bore) on the Wilder Road — Project SR-85, which was part of the natural gas expansion project to provide service to Clarkrange West and Old Grimsley areas.

City Engineer Tom Bennett said that only one bid had been received and it was for $127,220.  He recommended that the bid be rejected, and this was approved on a motion by Becky Duncan, seconded by Charles Cooper.

Bennett also recommended that the single bid of $292,227.00 for the high pressure gas line extension also be rejected, and this was approved on a motion by Cooper, seconded by Lyndon Baines.

Bennett then recommended that a bid of $108,456.00 from BM Services, LLC, be approved for a new regulator station on Wilder Hwy, and this was approved on a motion by Elizabeth Pendergrass, seconded by Becky Duncan.

Bennett also recommended that a change order of $15,320 be made to the contract, which brought the total bid down to $93,136.00.  This was approved on a motion by Baines, seconded by Vaneesa Matthews.

The council then accepted a bid of $24,999.00 from Guardian Electric for a new beacon light at the Jamestown Airport.

Next, the council agreed to add an item to the agenda to allow for discussion of the horizontal drilling on the Wilder Road.  It was pointed out that this project would require several horizontal drills (or road bores) as there were some 116 driveways and several roads involved in the project, which was estimated to cost some $400,000.00, and the council wanted to look at another option, which was to purchase a boring machine.  It was pointed out that the machine could also be used by the city water and sewer departments as well.

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