Commission to Interview Candidates for Sheriff In June 22 Work Session

Fentress Co. Executive J. Michael Cross has announced that the Fentress County Commission will take the next step in appointing a Mid-Term Sheriff to complete the present term of office on Thursday, June 22 at a 6:00 o’clock work session.

At that time, the Commission will conduct interviews with the 5 (five) candidates that were POST Certified. Under Tennessee Code Annotated standards, no one that isn’t POST Certified can serve as sheriff in Tennessee.

The candidates to be interviewed include James Allen Conatser, Rodney Benson Insco, Gary Wayne Ledbetter, Michael Andrew Reagan and Tommy Lee Rosecrants.

During this work session, candidates will be interviewed one at a time. Each candidate will be asked a set of pre-determined questions in addition to any individual questions posed by commissioners.

This meeting will be open to the public. The purpose of the work session is to allow Commissioners to question, interview and evaluate the qualifications and job experience of all POST Certified candidates.

Under CTAS direction, the only participants will be commissioners and the candidates.

The Commission will NOT be taking comments from the audience during the work session.

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