Commission Sets Tax Rate at $1.91

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Commission meeting in reconvened session on Monday, August 27th took action on a number of fiscal  decisions including approval of the counties budgets  for the 2018-2019 fiscal year and setting the property tax rate. The Commission also voted to reinstate the county wage scale which they had previously abolished in April of this year.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman pro tem Larry Cooper. County Executive J. Michael Cross was absent due to being ill. Following the pledge to the flag by 1st District Commissioner Justin Miller and opening prayer by 4th District Commissioner Lester Gooding, the roll was called which showed that all ten Commissioners were present. The Commission then approved the minutes from their August 20 meeting.

The first item of business was the occupancy agreement with the Fentress County Historical Society, which set the term of use at 99 years. While certain specifics of the agreement will have to be ironed out in the coming weeks and months, it was agreed that the terms of the agreement at this time were acceptable to both parties. A motion was made by Jimmy Johnson to approve the agreement, and seconded by Benny Hughes, among others, before being unanimously passed.

Next was approval of a declaration of surplus property from the Sheriff’s Department to be auctioned off on with all proceedings going into the drug fund. (see classifieds for   full details on available surplus items). A motion was made by Jimmy Johnson, seconded by Lester Gooding, and passed on a vote of 10-0.

Another item to be sold as surplus by the Sheriff’s Department was next on the agenda: a triple axle goose-neck trailer to be auctioned as unclaimed property on Proceeds from this are to go into the General Fund. A motion to approve the sale was made by Jimmy Johnson, seconded by Benny Hughes and passed without opposition.

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