Commission Passes Budget, Sets Tax Rate at $1.9839

The Fentress Co. Commission met Monday, August 22 in regular monthly session with all members present and took action on a number of items of business, including passing the fiscal year 2016-17 budget and setting the tax rate.

Following the call to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross, the preentation of Colors by the Clarkrange Color Guard, Pledge to the Flag led by Commissioner Larry Cooper and opening prayer by John B. Mullinx, the commission approved the notary list, as well as the minutes from the July 18th meeting.

On a motion by Kim Davidson, seconded by Lester Gooding, the commission then approved the Fentress County Highway Department inventory list, and approved application for a recycling equipment grant for the Solid Waste Department.

Next, they approved a name change on the original lease with the nursing home.  The name change will be between Signature HealthCare and the company they lease with, and will not affect the original lease agreement with Fentress County.

They then approved a request by the Vetersns Service Office to declare an out-dated computer as surplus property.

The next item of business was consideration of proposals received to construct the emergency services tower at Clarkrange.  Two bids were received for the project:  One from Mark Guenther in the amount of $68,000 of Monterey, TN and another from Allstate Tower, Inc  of Henderson, Kentucky in the amount of $80,936.

Commissioner Jeff Green then made a motion that action on these bids be deferred until next month’s meeting and asked for more clarification on the bids.

This motion was seconded by Lester Gooding and passed without opposition.

The commission then approved a motion by Benny Hughes, seconded by Donal Williams, a request for proposal for the design and construction of a retaining wall at the west side of the Fentres County Courthouse in the former Jail building site.

Most of the rest of the meeting was taken up with approval of the various budgets for the fiscal year 2016-17, and setting the tax rate at $1.9839, the same rate as the past year.

Budget Chairman Larry Cooper noted that while the County General Budget showed that the county would spend about $30,000 more than would be collected in the General Budget and about $32,000 more in the Debt Service Budget, that recent patterns had revenues exceeding the estimates.

“The budget committee has worked many hours on the budget over the past few months, we’ve made some cuts that weren’t popular, but we’ve got to be good stewards of the county’s money, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job.” he said.

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