Commission Discusses Budget, Hospital Options, in Reconvened Session

The Fentress County Commission met in a reconvened session on Thursday, June 27, 2019 for the purpose of cleaning up the current budget before the end of the fiscal year. As such, budget amendments were the primary actions during the meeting. However, once the financial business was concluded, the Commission agreed to have their attorney assess their options relating to the Jamestown Regional Medical Center property.

The meeting was called to order by County Executive Jimmy Johnson, and the roll was called by Executive Assistant Amanda Hicks as County Clerk Marilyn Stephens did not attend the meeting. The roll showed that all ten commissioners were present.

Following the pledge to the flag and the opening prayer, the Commissioners got to work on the several budget amendments before them

The first six amendments were for the Board of Education’s budget, and were presented in two groups, one of four and another of two. These had already been approved by the Board of Education prior to being presented to the Commission. A motion to approve the first four was made by Larry Cooper, seconded by Benny Hughes and passed without opposition. A motion to approve the final two was then made by Lester Gooding, seconded by Leon Stepp, and also passed without opposition.

The next amendment was for the County Executive’s office in the amount of $236, which was a refund from the CE’s travel line. A motion to approve was made by Lester Gooding, seconded by Robert Cooper, and approved unanimously.

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