Commission Considers Property Tax Increase

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

A public hearing was held last Tuesday, August 14th, to discuss the Fentress County Commission’s proposal of exceeding the certified property tax rate. Many local citizens were present to give their input to the Commissioners regarding a potential property tax increase. Although some in attendance were in complete opposition, most who voiced their opinions expressed a desire to see progress in the county if taxes were increased.

The current property tax rate stands at $1.9839 per one hundred dollars of assessed property value. Due to the recently completed statewide reappraisal, property values across the state, including here in Fentress County, have increased. This means that if the tax rate is not adjusted that citizens of Fentress County will be paying considerably more in property tax next year.

Once a reassessment is completed, the State Assessor of Property calculates a figure that will match the current amount of revenue based on new appraisal values, known as the certified tax rate. This year, the certified rate is $1.8534 per $100 of property value.

The current proposal being considered by the  County Commission is to set the property tax rate at $1.93, which will result in most Fentress landowners paying more in property tax.  According to information presented at the public hearing, approximately 55% of property owners will be paying more as a result of this increase, whereas only 22% will be paying less.

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