Commission Approves Funding For School Resource Officers, Opposes State Bills

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Board of Commission met in regular session Monday, March 19.

County Executive J. Michael Cross called the meeting to order, and following the pledge to the flag by 4th district commissioner Lester Gooding and the opening prayer by 4th district commissioner Jeff Green, the commission moved to approve the minutes of the February meeting and the notary applications.

The commission then issued a proclamation honoring Ty Reagan for attaining the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. The proclamation also noted that Mr. Reagan had recently received a full scholarship from Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes Kentucky, had achieved a score of 33 on his ACT exam, and had been chosen as Mr. YAI this year by the faculty of York Institute.

Mr. Scott Sandman, Chairman of the Fentress County Industial Development Board, then delivered the ID Board’s quarterly report. Mr. Sandman said that the board was diligently pursuing businesses to come to Fentress County and to ensure that Fentress County was a suitable and attractive location for new businesses. Among other things, Mr. Sandman said that the ID Board had recently completed a wages and benefits survey of the area so that outside businesses that may be interested in coming to Fentress County would know what the expected earnings and benefits of workers are in this area.

The Commission then removed three items from the agenda to be revisited at a later date. All commissioners agreed to amend the agenda except for Larry Cooper who was opposed.

Two grant submissions  for the Sheriff’s Department were then considerd by the commission. The first was to the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, and was approved by a unanimous vote. The second application was for a Walmart Community grant, and was also approved unanimously.

A resolution to oppose the  passage of a bill in the state legislature. SB0706/HB1153, if passed, would increase the salary of the county Election Coordinator. Commissioner Jeff Green stated that because the bill was calling for a raise based on population that it would place an undue burden on the less populated counties, such as Fentress. Following his remarks Mr. Green made a motion to support the resolution, which was seconded by Benny Hughes, and passed with the commission’s full support.

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