Commission Approves Full Agenda, Honors Record Setting Powerlifter Emily Gray

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Commission met on February 20 in a busy session in which they addressed several business items.

County Executive J. Michael Cross called the meeting to order. The colors were presented by the Clarkrange JROTC Color Guard and the pledge to the flag was led by 3rd District Commissioner Donal Williams. A special moment of silence was observed in honor of Mr. Leonard Bilbrey, who sat on the Commission for over forty years and who recently passed away. 5th District Commissioner Wade Matthews then led the opening prayer. County Clerk Marilyn Stephens then called the roll, which showed all Commissioners were present except Lester Gooding. The Commission then moved to approve the minutes of their January meeting, and the notary applications.

First on the agenda was the issuing of a proclamation honoring Ms. Emily Gray in recognition of her placing first and setting a new state record in her class in the Southern Powerlifting Federation State Championship which was held on January 13, 2018.

The next item was to clarify the membership of the parks and recreation committee which was appointed last November.  The committee currently includes Benny Hughes, Kim Davidson, Justin Miller, Jimmy Sweet, Philip Hall, Mike Wright, Allison Stucker, Kellye Crabtree, and Richard Tallent.

Mrs. Leann Smith then addressed the Commission and recommended that Mr. Michael Hodge be appointed to the Joint Economic Community Development Board, citing that Mr. Hodge’s knowledge and experience with tourism would be of great benefit to the Board and to Fentress County. The Commission unanimously approved Mr. Hodge’s nomination.

Mrs. Smith then presented the Three Star Fiscal  Strength and Efficient Government Fiscal Confirmation Letter, which states that the Fentress County Government is meeting the standards of the  Three Star Program, which significantly helps the county receive grant matches from the state. The Commission approved the letter on a motion by 3rd District Commissioner Benny Hughes, seconded by Donal Williams, with a vote of 9 for, 1 absent.

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