Clarkrange Faculty Recognized For High Marks In Test Scores

The Fentress County Board of Education met in regular monthly session on Monday, February 13 and took action on a number of items of business.

With all members present except members Felicia Garrett and Barbara Pile, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Gary Tinch, followed by a motion by Karen Cooper to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, which was seconded by Kathy Williams and was approved.

Clarkrange student David Smith was then recognized for  saving a fellow student from choking.

Next, several members of the Clarkrange High School were recognized for the high test scores of their students:

Kristin Flint  – #1 in high school Biology in the state.

Rodney Pile #2 in U.S. History in the state.

John McPeters – #2 in U.S. History in the state.

The CHS English Depart-ment – #1 of 26 in the Upper Cumberland.

Carolyn Woodward – #16 in English I.

Kalyn Lewis – #24 in English II.

Melissa England – #19 in English III.

Cindy Stowers – #26 in Geometry.

Debbie Pritchett – #63 in Algebra II.

Jo Beth Branstetter – #63 in Algebra II.

Leigh A. Burgess – #59 in Algebra I.

Courtney Williams – #55 in Chemistry.

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