City of Jamestown Receives Aeronautics Commission Award of Excellence

The City of Jamestown was recently honored with the Tennessee Department of Transportation Aeronautics Commission Award Of Excellence for Governing Body of the Year for its outstanding commitment to the progress and betterment of the Jamestown Airport. Pictured above from left to right are Jamestown Aldermen Charles Cooper, Becky Duncan, Elizabeth Pendergrass, and Vaneesa Matthews, Jamestown Mayor Darlene Monday Davis, City Recorder Gail Dishmon, Alderman Lyndon Baines, and City Public Works Director Steve McCoy.

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Jamestown City Council held its regular, monthly meeting on Monday, May 14 at Jamestown City Hall.

Mayor Darlene Monday Davis called the meeting to order and the roll call showed that all city Aldermen were present. Mayor Davis then asked for  the reading of the minutes of the Council’s April meeting, which were read by City Recorder Gail Dishmon, and approved.

Mayor Davis then opened the floor for grievances, concerns or comments from citizens, and seeing none moved on to her report.

Davis said that the City of Jamestown had been awarded the TDOT Aeronautics Commission’s Award of Excellence for Governing Body of the Year. “We have all worked really hard on the airport,” said Davis. “And all I can say is that when you work hard good things happen!” Mayor Davis extended her thanks to all the city employees who had worked so diligently on improving and maintaining the Jamestown airport, and thanked the members of the council for their continuing support and cooperation. The Mayor then took the opportunity to remind everyone that the Fly-In/ Cruise in at the Jamestown Airport would be June 2 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. and encouraged everyone to attend saying that it looked to be a very special and enjoyable event.

City Public Works Director Steve McCoy then delivered his report to the Council, and said that, although there had been some snags, that the Community Center bathrooms were scheduled to be completed by May 26th. Mr. McCoy also said that a number of other projects were taking shape, such as the cleaning up of the vacant lot near the Jamestown Airport, the acquisition of a grant for cameras at the water plant, community center, and City Park, the REIL light project at the Airport, and the cleaning of the basin at the sewer plant. According to Mr. McCoy, all projects were coming along well.

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