City Keeps Tax Rate of $0.72

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The City of Jamestown Board of Aldermen and Mayor recently held a public forum on Tuesday, October 23rd to discuss exceeding the certified property tax rate recommended by the state. The certified rate as recommended was $0.6598 per $100 of assessed value. However, Jamestown’s budget for this fiscal year reflected the current rate of $0.72 per $100, and city officials felt that reducing the rate at this juncture would be irresponsible and  could potentially lead to budgetary shortfalls.

The meeting on the 23rd was open to public comments, and the Council left the floor open for several minutes, but none of the city residents present chose to offer comment either in favor of, or  in opposition to the  $0.72 rate.

There being no public comments, the Council then closed the forum and opened a special called meeting, in which they approved the $0.72 tax rate. This came on a motion from Elizabeth Pendergrass, which was seconded by Becky Duncan, and supported by all four current Aldermen.

Following the proceedings, City Recorder Gail Dishmon issued the following statement:

“We held this forum because we are required by law (TCA 67-5-1701) to do so by the state. We have had this tax rate for the last 4 years. We are not changing anything, this is what is in our budget for this year.”

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