City Council Moves to Rent Airport Lots For 127 Sale, Announces Upcoming Projects

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The City of Jamestown Board of Aldermen met in regular monthly session on Monday, July 9th, at City Hall. A number of items were addressed, including the second and final reading of the City’s 2018-2019 budget, the acceptance of bids to repave certain city roads, and the decision to begin renting yard sale lots at the Jamestown Airport during the upcoming 127 sale.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Darlene Monday Davis and the roll call showed that all five Aldermen were present. City Recorder Gail Dishmon read the minutes from the Council’s June meeting, after which Councilwoman Vaneesa Matthews suggested an amendment to the minutes, regarding the raises that were passed in the budget for city employees. The amendment added to the minutes that the original intention of the pay raise was for the dollar increase to be across the board. A discussion regarding this portion of the Council’s previous session then ensued, which included input from a local citizen. Mrs. Tona Thompson asked the Board why they were changing the rate of pay for the City Recorder. (The recent change which placed the City Recorder on an hourly pay rate instead of a salary included a pay increase.)  Mayor Davis responded that she felt Mrs. Dishmon deserved the raise, and that she constantly performs functions that are above and beyond her job description. Councilwoman Matthews then asked if the amount of the budget will change as a result of this raise. Councilwoman Pendergrass added clarification that the budget already reflected all raise amounts. Mrs. Matthews stated that the dollar across the board amount that was proposed was not reflected in the budget. Matthews said that she wished to clarify that everyone was not getting a dollar, and that was why she wished to request an independent wage study. Councilman Baines then asked for clarification of the original amendment to the minutes, which was re-read by Recorder Dishmon. Mr. Baines then seconded the motion to amend. The roll was then called and the amendment to the June minutes passed on a vote of 4-1 with Mrs. Matthews voting against.

The Council then opened the floor for grievances from citizens, of which there were none.

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