City Council Approves Budget, Places City Recorder on Hourly Pay

The most recent meeting of the Jamestown City Council was held Monday, June, 11, at Jamestown City Hall. The Board took up a brief agenda, which included the approval (on first reading) of the City’s 2018-2019 budget. Also passed was an ordinance which changed the City Recorder’s pay from a salary to an hourly pay rate.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Darlene Monday Davis, and City Recorder Gail Dishmon called the roll which showed that all five Aldermen were present. Recorder Dishmon then read the minutes of the Council’s May meeting, which were approved on a roll call vote by all council members.

The Mayor then opened the floor for grievances from citizens, and seeing none moved on to deliver her report.

Mayor Davis began by saying how wonderful the recent 50th Anniversary celebration at the Jamestown Municipal Airport had been on Saturday, June 2. Mayor Davis praised the efforts of all City employees who had worked so diligently to ensure that the event was a success. She also extended her gratitude to the other airports who had lent a helping hand, and to the Council for their continued cooperation and support.

Mayor Davis then said that the Jamestown Community Center Pool was ready for the season and that the City was close to completing the bathroom project at the community center. In summary, Mayor Davis said that “Everything is just clicking right along.” The Mayor then turned the floor over to Tom Bennett, the City’s Engineer, who delivered his report, in which he said that the grinder project at the main pump station had had some delays but was now back on schedule and should be done by the end of the week. Mr. Bennett also said that the CDBG sewer project had been approved by the State to go out for bid and would be out for bid next month.

Bob Lane, City Building Inspector, then delivered his report to the board, and said  that the community center was getting finished up, and that Manna House was coming along, and that he was continuing to work on the rehabilitation grants, and that there may be a possibility of more people being eligible to receive a rehab grant and that there was time left, although the qualifications were strenuous.

Next was the report from the City Attorney, Baley Fred Allred, who said that he had recently been working on developing some waivers for the city regarding liability at the Airport celebration, as well as for City Rental property i.e. the Community Center etc.

With all reports concluded, Councilman Charles Cooper posed a question to the Board regarding potential usage of the property surrounding the airport during the 127 sale, since the recent celebrations had been such a success. It was generally agreed that this would be a good idea, but that it would have to be looked into since the property was adjacent to the Airport and subject to specific regulations.

The Board then moved on to Old Business, during which they amended their previous appropriation for the REIL light project at the Airport by an increase of $16,500 to pay for an additional FAA nighttime flight check. A motion was made by Lyndon Baines, seconded by Becky Duncan and passed by a vote of 5-0.

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