Citizens’ Petition for Emergency Care Needs 5,500 Signatures

Submitted by James P. Romer

The citizens’ petitions and signature pages for 24/7 emergency care services in Fentress County can be picked up from and are being collected by the following three (3) locations:

Fentress Courier

WCLC Radio

WDEB Radio

Businesses, churches, and any individuals are welcome to join in the effort to collect signatures on this petition that says in effect:

“We all know Fentress County is in a crisis caused by the closing of the Jamestown Regional Medical Center that effects everyone here and in surrounding counties. We no longer have a 24/7 emergency care facility.

By its history, liens filed, and an inactive license, we know the Jamestown Regional Medical Center facility will not reopen soon. From other rural hospitals that have closed and not reopened we know there are multiple complications in the law and regulations that stall progress to reopen them. These complications do not help the people in need.”

Support your local newspaper by reading the rest of the story in this weeks Fentress Courier.