Christmas Wish” Outreach Ministry Helps 55 Families

The first annual “Christmas Wish” outreach ministry program was termed as an overwhelming success, with a large number of families helped in a number of ways.

Philip Hall, the primary organizer of this program, said that some 55 families received direct benefits from the program this year.

“To just say that the program was a success would be an understatement,” Hall said.  “We had a lot of people who just came in and donated to the program, as well as many small businesses who stepped up and wanted to be a part of the project.

“What we did was accept letters, which we took and evaluated to access needs and took them through an evaluation process involving several of our local ministers,  and some of our school personnel to try to identify and establish priorities,” Hall continued.  “We were able to take care of things such as physician visits, medical help for people who didn’t have insurance, eyeglasses, medical procedures, and even helping Santa Claus.  There’s no other way to say it other than it’s just been a blessing.  It’s been a huge blessing for us and all the businesses that have been involved.

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