Carol Abney Seeking State House District 38 Seat

Carol Veneá Abney, owner of Abney CPA PLLC in Celina, has announced that she will run for the Tennessee House of Representatives District 38 seat.

Abney, a life-long resident of Clay County, is running unopposed on the Democratic ticket. District 38 includes Clay, Fentress, Macon, Pickett, and Scott counties.

“I’m running because we need someone who cares about this area to be our voice,” said Abney. “We need someone who is not trying to line pockets and do favors, but who wants to do what is right and best for our communities.”

Abney, who opened her CPA firm in August 2017, worked with her husband, Randell, operating Randell’s Garage in Celina for over 15 years. She helped teach American History through Supplemental Instruction at the community college level for 13 semesters while getting her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Tennessee Technological University.

In addition to working hard alongside her husband, Abney serves on the Clay County Museum Board of Directors and is Vice Chairman of the Workforce and Economic Development Committee for Clay County. She is also a Tennessee Promise Mentor and chair of the Clay County Democratic Party.

Abney noted that she is aware of how important education is to the rural communities in District 38 and how vital it is to the development of the district’s economy.

Abney said when she graduated from Celina High School in 1990, one of her biggest regrets was not having the opportunity or the resources to attend college. So, at the age of 38, she started college “with the notion that I would make the most of my time in school and do everything I would have wanted to do in 1990.”

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