Candidates Qualify For City Elections

As of the qualifying deadline  to run for offices to be filled in the November 8, 2016 Municipal Elections in the cities of Allardt and Jamestown, a total of four candidates will be on the ballot for the office of Mayor in the City of Jamestown and seven candidates for Aldermen.  There will also be two candidates on the ballot for Alderman in the City of Allardt, for which three positions are to be filled.

In the City of Allardt, three aldermen will be elected to serve 4-year terms, and in the City of Jamestown, a Mayor and five Aldermen will be elected to serve 4 year terms each.

Also on the ballot will be the office of President and Vice-President of the United States of America for a 4-year term, United States House of Representatives, 6th Congress-ional District for a 2-year term; Tennessee Senate, 12th Senatorial District, for a 4-year term, and Tennessee House of Representatives, 38th and 41st Districts (2-year term)

At noon on Thursday, August 18, 2016, the deadline for qualifying, those who had qualified for the Aldermen positions in Allardt include Patricia (Pat) Brown  Clark and Michael G. Wiley.

For the position of Mayor, City of Jamestown, four candidates will appear on the ballot They include: Darlene Monday Davis, Ryan S. Smith, Harvey Stowers, and Hubert B. Lester III.

Seven candidates will be on the ballot to fill the five Aldermen seats on the City of Jamestown Council.

They include: Lyndon Baines, Bob Bow, Charles W.B. Cooper, Becky Duncan, Vaneesa Cravens Matthews, Elizabeth Ann Pendergrass and  Tona G. Thompson.