Budget Matters, Pay Issue Are Commission Topics

The Fentress County Commission met on Monday, November 20th at the Fentress County Courthouse in a busy session and addressed a number of items of business.  The meeting was called to order by County Executive J. Michael Cross. The Clarkrange JROTC Color Guard presented the colors and 3rd District Commissioner Donal Williams led those assembled in the pledge of allegiance. The opening prayer was led by 3rd District Commissioner Benny Hughes. County Clerk Marilyn Stephens then called the roll which showed that all Commissioners were present.

The Commissioners then unanimously approved the minutes of the regular October meeting and those of the special session that was held on October 30th. The commission then moved to approve the notaries, which was also unanimously agreed upon.

Next, the Commission  recognized State Representa-tive Kelly Keisling, who presented a proclamation to Jackie Selby, Fentress County Solid Waste Director, which stated that he had been recognized as the Keep Tennessee Beautiful Martin L. Kennedy Outstanding Litter Grant Administrator of the Year by the Tennessee General Assembly. Rep.  Keisling went on to detail how Mr. Selby, through his innovative programs that encourage youth involvement through healthy competitions, has made Fentress County number one in recycling among the counties in its tier. Mr. Selby was congratulated by Executive Cross and the Commission for his achievement.

The Commission then recognized Scott Sandman, IDB Manager, who delivered the quarterly report from the Industrial Development Board. Mr. Sandman detailed a number of projects that had been undertaken by the IDB, stating that out of twenty-one potential projects that the board had submitted for three. Mr. Sandman stressed the importance of improving the County’s Spec Building Program, saying that there were several other projects that could be submitted for if this occurred. Mr. Sandman then spoke about the upcoming TVA Economic Development Series, a series of upcoming trainings for local officials. These trainings include a course entitled “Economic Development 101” as well as a course on prospect site visits, which includes a mock site visit. Mr. Sandman then presented a check to the Commission from Fitzgerald Glider Kits which represented in-lieu-of payments on taxes based on a pilot agreement between the company and the IDB, which states that Fitzgerald will pay a reduced tax percentage during its initial years of business operations while utilizing property that it has leased from the County.

The commission then moved on to consideration of approval of a resolution providing an Education Incentive Payment of $1500 for the 2017-2018 fiscal year to officials and employees who have attained the title of “Certified Public Administrator” as of June 2017 under the UT County Officials Certificate Training Program. The Commission then again recognized Solid Waste Director Jackie Selby who had recently completed this training and earned this distinction. Mr. Selby informed the Commission of the requirements of this training, which include forty elective credits, plus four core credits, and a final exam, followed by an intensive three day course and at least eighteen hours of continuing education each year. Mr. Selby imparted that these courses had been immensely beneficial to him in his position and that he would highly recommend them to other local officials. The Commission then moved to accept this resolution and, following some discussion regarding the frequency of the occurrence of this incentive payment, initiated by Commissioner Jeff Green, the roll was called and the resolution was adopted unanimously.

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