Budget Committee Wraps Up, Refers Budget to Commission

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The Fentress County Budget Committee held its final session of 2020 on Thursday, June 18, in which is wrapped up the budget process by reviewing a small number of last minute items, and finally referring the entire budget to the County Commission for final approval. The committee also discussed the rate of pay for the Fentress County Emergemcy Management Agency Director, the E-911 budget, and the Justice Center Loan refinancing options.

The first item to receive attention was a proposal for I. T. services for the County. Curtis Conatser addressed the committee and explained his proposal to become the County’s part-time I. T. serviceman. Conatser discussed his prior experience, hourly pay rate, and gave an overall summary of his expertise. The committee took no action on this matter however, and the matter will be discussed again at a later date.

Next for consideration was the Justice Center loan refinancing options, which were presented by Scott Gibson of Cumberland Securities. Mr. Gibson presented the committee with 2 options, both of which were estimated to save the county over $2 million over the lifespan of the loan. A motion was made by Lester Gooding to approve option #2, which should save the county over $2.2 million. This recommendation will be sent to the full commission for final approval. All present commissioners voted in favor of the motion.

Certain changes to the E-911 budget were then to be reviewed, but for unknown reasons the proposals had not been made available to the budget committee in time for review prior to the meeting. Following some discussion, the committee agreed to meet at a later date when the information was made available, and took no action in the matter, which means that the original E-911 budget, which was approved earlier in the budgeting process, is what will be sent to the Commission, but may be amended at a later date.

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