Budget Committee to Project 2% Raise for County Employees

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The issue of salaries of County Employees has been brought to the forefront in recent weeks, due to new requirements put in place by the County Commission as well as the removal of the County’s previous wage scale.

Earlier this month it was reported that the Budget Committee chose to withhold pay increases until later on in the budget process. During the most recent budgetary meeting, the committee decided that they would begin calculating  how much it would cost to give all employees of the County a 2% across the board raise.

This approach was supported by the committee with the exception of one member, 4th District Commissioner Jeff Green, who voted against the 2% projection.

When asked why he was opposed, he said that he felt the across the board approach was the wrong way to go about it and that raises should be based on merit, rather than based solely upon the amount of time someone had been in their current position.

“I think that the individual department heads should have the discretion to reward the employees who work hard and not the ones who don’t.” said Green.

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