Budget Committee Approves 6% Payroll Increase for Sheriff’s Dept., Jail, Tables EMS Pay Discussion

County Employees to Receive $300 COVID-19 Hazard Stipend

The Fentress County Budget Committee met on Thursday, June 4, 2020 to discuss requested pay raises for individual County departments, namely the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office and Ambulance Service. Other departments requesting specific raises included the County Executive’s Office, general Sessions Judge, Election Commission, and Senior Citizen’s Center. The Committee also approved the Highway Department Budget as presented, and approved a $300 across-the-board hazard pay stipend for all county employees in response to the recent COVID-19 situation.

In the committee’s previous session, it was decided that all county employees would receive a 2% raise across-the-board, and that departments desirous of specific raises, based on need or merit, could put those requests before the Commission on June 4.

The first department to present their request for a pay increase was the General Sessions Judge. Judge Todd Burnett requested that an employee in his office be reclassified, and given a raise, the additional expense to be offset by re-appropriating $1,300 from the offices travel line item. Judge Burnett explained that this employee had over 20 years of experience and was on call 24/7. After some discussion, a motion granting the request was made by Lester Gooding, and seconded by Robert Cooper. All present commissioners supported the motion.

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