Broken Tank Cap Cause of Gas Spill

uch concern  last week was reportedly caused by a cap which came off the tank during a fuel drop.

According to Fentress County Emergency Manage-ment Director James Bilbrey, the cap, called an ATG probe cap, apparently came off as fuel was being loaded into the tank, which caused the ball float to not restrict the flow, allowing the tank to overfill, causing the fuel to run into the small creek nearby.

Director Bilbrey said that a cleanup crew which was here last week was back this past Monday to remove the old pads and booms and put down new ones, and would be coming back again soon to continue the cleanup.

He said that as of Tuesday they had not received any report on the water samples which had been taken from area wells, but he would report on that as soon as the information was received, but at the present time, the incident posed no danger to the city and county water supply.