Arizona Man Drowning Victim on Dale Hollow

An Arizona man vacationing on Dale Hollow lake lost his life in a drowning accident on Saturday, June 11.

 According to an article in the June 15 edition of the Pickett County Press, around 2  p.m., Saturday, June 11th, the Pickett County Sheriff’s received a call about a possible drowning. The TWRA and Pickett County Rescue Squad were notified and went to the area where a man had jumped off a cliff and didn’t resurface. The cliffs, located east of Obey River Park are a popular hang out spot for boaters and often times, people will jump from them.

According to reports, Corey Winberry, 38, of Arizona, had attempted a flip after jumping off the highest place on the cliff and hit the water flat on his back. He wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

Rescue Squad members located the body in 40 feet of water approximately two hours after he went into the water.

In July 2012, a young man from Ohio hit the water and never resurfaced after attempt-ing a double flip and jumping off a cliff in the area known as Shear Pin pass.

The Nashville Corps of Engineers website states that since construction, there have been 136 drownings that have occurred on Dale Hollow Lake and none of those had on a life jacket.

The accident was investigated by the Pickett County Sheriff’s Office and was assisted by TWRA Officers Craig Norris and Doug Lamb.