Appointment and Salary of New EMA Director Are Co. Commission Topics

The Fentress County Commission met in a rather brief but busy year end session on Monday, December 18, at the Fentress County Courthouse and took action on a number of items of business.

County Executive J. Michael Cross called the meeting to order and 1st District Commissioner Justin Miller led the Pledge to the Flag, followed by  opening prayer by 4th District Commissioner Jeff Green.

County Clerk Marilyn Stephens then called the roll, which showed that all commissioners were present except Fifth District Commissioner Larry Cooper.

Following approval of the minutes of the November meeting and the Notary list, the Commission approved the appointment of Ricky R. Rains to the Fentress Co. Planning Commission to fill the seat vacated by the recent resignation  of Rob Andrys.

The next item on the agenda was  resolution to approve the submission of a Walmart Community Grant application by the Fentress Co. Sheriff’s Department. This action was approved  without opposition.

The Commission then moved to approve a list of surplus property to be sold by the Fentress County Highway Department with all present voting for.

The next item was a professional service proposal from Tyco Service Solution for the inspection of the sprinkler system at the Justice Center, with all Commissioners  present voting to approve the proposal.

The Commission then considered a letter that had been written by County Executive J. Michael Cross, on their behalf, to TDOT. The letter informed TDOT officials that Fentress County was not interested in the construction of a proposed multi-use path along Highway 127 that would connect South Fentress Elementary and Clarkrange High School. Executive Cross commented that in depth review of the project had shown that the negative aspects such as environmental impact, safety, and a large price tag, far exceeded any possible benefits. The letter was approved by a vote of 8 affirmative, 1 abstention, and one absent.

County Executive Cross then reported that the Commission had met with TDOT officials regarding the Highway 127 project in Clarkrange.

Cross then turned to Commissioner Jeff Green who explained that TDOT had decided that the Clarkrange Fire Hall and Clarkrange Solid Waste Convenience site needed to be relocated. Commissioner Green emphasized that the public would never be without the usage of these services while this transition was taking place. In the current design these facilities will be moved to a portion of the South Fentress Park.

Executive Cross then added that the commission had pushed aggressively for the completion of the Highway 127 project which is vital to the enrichment of the economy of Fentress County and would be very beneficial to the Clarkrange area in particular. Cross stressed that, although work was yet to be done and some changes would have to be made, that this should be looked at as a “Golden Opportunity” to build new and upgraded facilities. A motion to support the current plans for completion of the Highway 127 project was then made and supported in a roll call vote by all Commissioners in attendance.

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