Another Meth Lab Found, Two Charged

Meth-ArrestA routine visit by a probation officer last week resulted in two individuals being arrested and charged in connection with a meth lab which was found in a residence.

On Tuesday, March 18, a representative from the East Tennessee Human Resources Agency made a routine home visit to Mr. Kenneth J. Beaty at 106 Oscar King Road.

When the officer was allowed into the residence, they noticed a butane torch on the floor and a blue back pack containing what appeared to be a meth lab.

The officer then went outside and advised the Sheriff’s Office of the find, and a deputy was dispatched to the residence.

When the deputy arrived, the probation officer told him that while they were making the call, a male subject was seen running from the house, and when they went back into the residence, the bag containing the meth lab was missing.

When the deputy arrived, they searched the residence which led to the discovery of drug paraphernalia and a meth lab outside the residence in a bath tub.  There were liquids in the lab bottles, and a meth officer was called to the scene to disassemble the lab.

A trailer at the outside of the property was locked up, and the officers were advised that it belonged to John Robbins, who was gone at the time.  Mr. Robbins arrived a few minutes  later and unlocked the trailer and gave consent to search, with the search producing burnt soda cans and straws in a bag over a tv and syringes in the cabinets in the kitchen, after which the two men were taken into custody.

The two were identified as Kenneth J. Beaty 29, of 106 Oscar King Road, Jamestown and John D. Robbins, 49, of the same address, who were both charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Promotion of Methampheta-mine Manufacture, and Initiation of a process intended to result in the manufacture of Meth.

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