Angie Sweet Seeks Office of Trustee

Angie Sweet announced this week that she will be a candidate for the office of Fentress County Trustee, and issued the following statement:

“My name is Angie Sweet and I am announcing my candidacy for the office of Trustee of Fentress County in the August 2 General Election.

I am a lifelong resident of Fentress County.   

I am the daughter of the late Richard and Thelma (Copeland) Cook.

I am married to Jimmy Sweet, the son of Jim and Martha Sweet.  We have two daughters, Tambra and Destiny.

I have worked as a Deputy Trustee for 20 years.  I know the duties of the office and have the experience to run the Trustee’s Office with confidence you can trust.

I enjoy working with and meeting the people of Fentress County.

It would be an honor to serve as your next Trustee of Fentress County.

Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated.”

Thank you,

Angie Sweet