Andrew King Graduates From U. S. Senate Page School

By Jacob E. Rosenbaum

The United States Senate Page School held their graduation ceremony last Friday, January 26. Counted amongst the graduates was Fentress County’s own Andrew King, son of Scott and Sissy King, who was selected to serve as a Senate Page last year. Andrew was one of three pages selected to deliver remarks during this commencement.

The Ceremony was held in the Mansfield Room of the Capitol building in Washington D. C. Remarks were given by three Senators, John Cornyn (R) Texas, Corey Booker (D) New Jersey, and Mazie Hirono (D) Hawaii, as well as the Senate Page School’s four teachers and three pages. Andrew King was the first of the pages to deliver his remarks.

“At first I thought that this was just going to be a place to do homework and sleep, and get very little sleep at that. However, I soon found out that some of my fondest memories would be made here…” said King, “Even though we were living away from home, and our parents, our proctors kept a good watch on us, to make sure that we didn’t get out of line. We also learned how to communicate without text messages, as cell phones are not allowed. Whenever we wanted to update our parents, we had to use landlines!

They told us coming in that school would be hard, and they were right. I realized pretty quick that having to wake up at 5 a.m. is hard. We struggled to wake up, shower, put on a suit and eat breakfast by 6:15. I was excited by the challenge this would present, as I had always enjoyed school. After the first few days though, I realized that this was a lot more difficult than what I had expected… one of the biggest challenges for me came when the first quarter was over and I had a B. It was the first B I had ever received in my life, and it was in history of all subjects, which is my favorite subject.

Overall, I could say that Senate Page School is rigorous, challenging, or difficult, but the easiest way to describe it is just hard! Nonetheless, I recognize that the academic challenges have only made me a better student.

I also enjoyed our field trips. Being from a small town, our field trips generally consisted of going to a movie theater or local park. Although my family has travelled a lot, visiting 48 of 50 states, some of our Page feild trips were to places I had never been. I really liked the Jamestown and Williamsburg trip, because it showed what life was like in the colonial period, but my favorite field trip was going to Philadelphia to watch the Army/Navy game.

After school was over we finally arrived at what I had been waiting for: working in the Senate. When we arrived at the Capitol we were thrown head-first into training. I was honestly a little scared that I would mess up a run or spill a Senator’s water and be sent home, but after doing it for a little while I got the hang of it and started worrying less and enjoying more. Throughout my time here I’ve been amazed that I am here working in the middle of the greatest legislative body in the world.

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