Allardt Wreck Closes Northern Fentress Co. Schools Tuesday

A tractor-trailer wreck that ocurred at the Baseline Road on HWY 52 in Allardt early Tuesday morning, January 14, 2020, caused significant power outages in the northern portion of Fentress County. These power issues caused school to be delayed initially, and eventually cancelled entirely for the day until the situation could be resolved. 

In reguard to the situation, Fentress County Dirrector of Schools Mike Jones issued the following statement: “I was called this morning at about 5 concerning the accident in Allardt and we made the decision immediately that we were going to go to a two hour delay, and then myself and Robert Cooper, our Safety Director, went to the site and looked at the situation. They had to bring an out of town wrecker to move the trailer and the truck, and by eight o’clock they were just moving the debris out of the road, and they had to reset the poles.”

Jones said that he was told by the crews working to repair the damage in Allardt that it could be as late as 11-12:00 before they were finished. It was then that Jones made the decision that school would be called off for the day in the northern end of Fentress County only. Students at Clarkrange High School and South Fentress Elementary would go to school at 10:00 a.m. as they were not affected by the incident.

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