4,088 Cast Ballots During Early Voting

Early voting for the August 2nd General Election began on Friday, July 13 and continued through Saturday, July 28 at the Fentress County Election Commission office at 111 North Norris Street in Jamestown.

In the 14 days of early voting, an average of 292 per day, for a total of 4,088 voters cast ballots, which represents 34.3% of the 11,915 registered voters in Fentress County.

This is slightly less than in 2014, the last “big” election, when 4,155 voters cast ballots during the early voting period.

The hours of voting on Election Day, Thursday, August 2, will be from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Following are the offices which will be filled in the August Election and those qualified to be placed on the ballot:

For Fentress County Executive

J. Michael Cross

Jimmy Johnson

For County Commissioner

District 1

Earlene Dayhuff

Micki McDonald

Justin E. (Elvis) Miller

For County Commissioner

District 2

Kimberly Davidson

Barbara K. Powell

Jerry Paul (JP) Reagan

Rod Williams

For County Commisioner

District 3

Robert D. Cooper

Jessie Cravens

Benny M. Hughes

George Pittman

Donal Edgar (Don) Williams

For County Commissioner

District 4

Lee Brown

Lester Gooding

James Markwood

Johnnie Mills

Leon J. Stepp

Marty Walker

For County Commissioner

District 5

Steve Brown

Larry Cooper

Kelly Cooper Crabtree

Mark Crabtree

Wade Matthews

Steve McCoy

For Circuit Court Clerk

Tina L. Brown

Tammy Koger

Gina Mullinix

For CountyTrustee

Brian S. Meadows

Angie Sweet

For Sheriff

Dave Beaty

Anthony (Tony) Choate

Michael A. “Bigfoot” Reagon

Tom Rosecrants

Chris Winningham

For County Clerk

Marilyn LaRue Stephens

Chris Lee Watson

Gretta N. York

For Register of Deeds

Patricia L. (Trish) Slaven

For Superintendent of Roads

Mark Beaty

Jo Blevins

Brian Benton French

Joey Reagan

Jeremy Roysden