23rd Sgt. Alvin C. York Memorial Shoot Set For Sat., March 28

The 23rd Annual  Sgt. Alvin C. York Memorial Shoot will be held Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the York Farm in the Valley of the Three Forks of the Wolf River in Pall Mall, Tennessee.

The event is a re-creation of the shooting matches held during Sergeant York’s day and features X-Center/Over-the-Log shooting at 60 paces with Black Powder Muzzle-Loading Rifles.

The match fee will be $35.00 for 10-one-shot matches.  Score will be total measurement of all shots.

A Grand Prize will be awarded to the top overall score of the match, with special prizes for Best “X” of each ,atcj.

Choice-cut beef will be awarded to the top 35 places or more.  Everyone will take home 2 pounds of ground chuck.

Dress will be 1920s-30s attire-Men in Bib Overalls, wide ties with loud, flowery colors, long trench coats, old suits with wide lapels, wide-brimmed Fedora Hats, and WW1 uniforms.  Ladies — fancy old 20’s dresses, hose with seam up the back.

There is lots of room at the site for camping.  Trailers, motor-homes, tents or truck campers are all ok.  Portable toilets will be provided.  Participants must bring their own firewood and water.

On Saturday, food concession stand will be open all day.

RULES: Rifles may be flint or percussion ignition, of either traditional hunting or ‘old style’ traditional target type, with no limit to weight or caliber. No false muzzles, no sealed ignition, no in-line actions, no thumbhole or adjustable stocks and no padded buttplates. Rifles must shoot black powder w/ patched lead round balls, no bullets. Shaders are permitted, but must not extend pass the rear of the breech. Rear sights should be open sights at least 6” in front of the breech. Front sights should be blade, pin-head or post. The use of barrel rests (cant blocks) or sandbags on the chunk are permitted and encouraged. Only the shooter’s hand may support the butt of the rifle, no sandbags or blocks of wood allowed under the butt of rifle and no gloves of any kind. Butt of the rifle may not touch the ground.  Please read the accompanying letter for specific shoot rules.

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