1,594-lb Giant Entry Sets New Record At Allardt Great Pumpkin Festival

John and James VanHook of Somerset, KY (center) set a new Allardt Pumpkin Festival record as well as a Kentucky and Southeast US record with a 1,594-lb entry. Taking second place was Bruce Terry of Helenwood, TN (right) with a 1,353-lb. entry, and placing third was Jason Terry of Oneida, TN (left) with a 1,342-lb. entry.

The 26th Annual Allardt Great Pumpkin Festival, held Saturday, October 7, saw two state records fall, and a new record for the event, as James and John VanHook of Somerset, KY took top honors with a giant pumpkin weighing 1,594 pounds.

This giant eclipsed the former record of 1,473.5 pounds weighed in two years ago by Jason Terry of Oneida by more than 120 pounds, and also set a new Kentucky state record.

Bruce Terry of Helenwood took second place honors with a 1,353-lb. entry, followed by Jason Terry of Oneida, with a 1,342 pounds, that also was named the “Prettiest Pumpkin”.

Taking fourth place was Tim Grizzle of Blairsville, GA, with an entry of 1,306, which also qualified as a new Georgia state record.

Taking fifth place was Jared VanHook of Somerset, KY with a 1,082-lb. entry,  followed by Gail Newsom of Pinnacle, NC, with a 795-lb entry in 6th place.

Placing 7th was Patrick Fix of Blairsville, GA with a 561-lb entry, with Suzie Zuerner of Arden, NC placing 8th at 507 lbs.  9th place went to Sam Tippin of Harriman with a 242-lb. entry.

Larry Burton of Nancy, KY entered a giant weighing 1,419 lbs, which was the second-heaviest pumpkin entered, but because this entry had a hole in its side, it had to be disqualified.

In addition to the large pumpkins, there were also some giants entered in the Giant Watermelon contest, with Frank Mudd of Flaherty, KY taking top honors with a giant tipping the scales at 304 lbs.

Placing second was Chris Kent of Sevierville with a 273-lb. entry.  Kent holds the world record for watermelons with a giant weighing 350 lbs. which he grew in 2013.

Placing third in the Watermelon contest was George Terry of Helen-wood with a 253-lb entry, followed by John Bramer of New Hope, KY with a 206-lb entry, Jason Terry of Oneida at 188 lbs., Janice Bramer of New Hope KY with a 156-lb entry, and Chris and Connie Chitwood of Oneida with a 134-lb entry.

In the Green Squash category, first place went to Robert and Bruce Burchette of Lexington, NC with a 719-lb entry, with Gail Newsom of Pinnacle, NC placing second at 412 lbs.

In the Cushaw division, Evan Sadler took first place with a 42-lb entry, with Susie Joiner of Auburnton placing second with a 40-lb entry, and Beth Sadler placing third with a 30-lb entry.

In the Dipper Gourd category, Eric Johanns of Powell, TN took top honors with an entry measuring 58”, while Jane Green of the Red Hill Community placed second with an entry of 29” and Rob Bety of Jamestown placed third with a 19” entry.

Other entries included a 13-lb cucumber, grown by Chris Kent of Sevierville, and a 3-lb sweet potato entered by Kylie Dickson of Jamestown.

The annual Clyde and Zelia Stephens Memorial Car show  was again one of the best ever with over 350 entries, and there was a large number participating in the Motorcycle Show,  This year, the car show was again sponsored by O’Reilly Auto Parts and Fitzgerald Glider Kits.

There were a large number of tractors, including several unique and antique models.  This event was sponsored by Steiner Tractor Parts.

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